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Terra Delyssa Olive Oil 1L


1. The Terra Delyssa horse: we chose the horse as our logo for it has been a representation of ancient carthage.

Queen Elyssa is said to have chosen carthage in her escape convoy after the sight of a horse’s head which she interpreted as a sign from the godess tanit.

2. The Terra Delyssa signature: a reflection of the diverse cultural heritage of Cartahge, modern Tunisia.

3. The highest grade of olive oil as classified by the international Olive oil council and USDA.

Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin olive oil is first cold pressed under high quality selection norms.

4. We are proud to offer 100 % Tunisian olive oil,100% traceableand 100% controlled by CHO’s quality team.

Terra Delyssa is one of very few olive oils offered to consumers by actual farmers/producers.

5. Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a delicate milder flavor that would not overpower any of your food, making it the ideal choice for your everyday cooking, salads, drizzling over steamed vegetables and meats.

6. Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin Olive oil is obtained from the first cold press of freshly hand picked olives.

It has no carbohydrates and no cholesterol.

7. Terra Delyssa Olive oil is produced under the strict rules of kosher products and is certified by Star K.

8. A sample representation of the ancient punic coins from Carthage in 280 Bc.

9. Nutritional table:
Based on a 1 table spoon serving.

10. Terra Delyssa Organic Extra Virgin olive oil is produced following the USDA NOP Organic program strict rules guaranteeing the safest and highest quality:
. No chemicals have been used as sediments to the trees.
. No pesticides have been sprayed on the olive trees.
. No chemical plants operate in the proximity of Terra Delyssa ‘s olive fields.